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How much does RESAAS cost?

RESAAS has two tiers. The first is our Agent Basics account which is totally free to sign up! With this, all of our core tools and services  are available to be taken advantage of, including the ability to create a profile page and upload listings, create, browse and respond to referrals, post reblasts™, join groups, as well as to ask and answer questions from fellow agents.

Our second tier is our Premium account which gives you access to tools that will help you generate more business. With RESAAS Premium, you will get access to  instant referral alerts, lead gen analytics, as well as a client-engagement tool, called shareCRM, among others, which are intended to help increase business and minimize time spent acquiring it.

Premium has two separate payment plans:

Annual: $8/month for a one time fee of $96 for the entire year

Monthly: $10/month

Both of these plans come with a 1 month free trial period!

Visit resaas.com/pricing for more information.



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