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When will my pre-market listing automatically expire?

When you post a pre-market listing, you will have 48 hours until it expires. When your pre-market listing expires, its status will be set to 'Temporarily Withdrawn." Temporarily Withdrawn means it has been removed from the view of all MIAMI RealTimeMLS members & has also been pushed to your MLS (Matrix) as an 'incomplete listing.' 

To re-activate your listing you will need to copy and paste your listing's MLS ID# into RESAAS. Directions to do so are located here.

Below is what your pre-market listing will look like as a listing before it automatically expires:



You will receive 2 email notifications before your pre-market listings expires:

  1. One email notification 24 hours before your pre-market listing expires
  2. One email notification the day your pre-market listing expires

You will also be notified within MIAMI RealTimeMLS of any pre-market listings about to expire. 


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