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How do I post a listing in East Bay RTMLS?

We’ve designed an efficient and effective tool for EBRD members to share listings with the entire EBRD membership. From within the East Bay RTMLS group, click the blue “Create a Listing” button on the right side of the screen:



Or, create a listing by clicking “LISTINGS” in the top navigation bar. A drop down menu will appear. Next, click “Create a Listing”.


You will now be redirected to the listing form where you can enter the following property details:


  • Property type
  • Price
  • Compensation
  • Address, Suite
  • City, State, Zip code
  • Country
  • County
  • MLS URL (Optional)



Pre-Market Listings

If you are uploading a pre-market listing, select the pre-market radio button. The listing will be visible to EBRD members only. Pre-market listings will remain active within East Bay RTMLS for 30 days.



*IMPORTANT - Pre-market listings will be marked with a red label counting down the 30 days you will have to mark the listing as on-market by adding the MLS URL into the MLS URL field. Once the 30 day period has expired, if the listing is not updated as an on-market listing, the listing will be automatically withdrawn, meaning your listing will be removed from the EBRD members-only view and only made accessible to you.


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