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How can I search and download files within the GPS Library?

There are a few ways you can search for files within the GPS Library. You can filter the content by a category.

To do this, click the checkbox within a category and apply the filter:


The feed in the middle of the screen will update to show all files that have been tagged in a particular category, for example “Marketing Materials”.

To clear your filters at any time, click the “Clear All Filters” button on the left side of the page.


Use the search box towards the top of the screen to search by a keyword, for example, GPS podcast.


The feed will now be updated to show all files that match your keyword(s) entered in the search box.

To view more details of each files, click “more details” to expand the file.


You can also comment on each file and mention any GPS members by typing the ‘@’ sign and the agent’s first/last name.


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