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Posting within a Group (reblasts)

Let’s get more interactive! To post within a group enhances your engagement on RESAAS and helps you interact with other GEPAR members. Whenever you post within a group on RESAAS this is called a reblast. Furthermore, you can attach a photo, PDF document, or YouTube video link to a reblast.

To create a reblast, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on ACTIVITY on the Navigation Panel on the left of your screen to select an exclusive GEPAR group to post in (remember to scroll through the list of groups to view all 10 groups)

  2. Click on the white reblast box at the top of your activity feed
  3. Enter up to 100 characters (numbers, letters, symbols, etc)
  4. Click the photo icon to attach a photo (.png or .jpg)
  5. Click the document icon to attach a PDF

  6. Copy and paste a YouTube URL within the reblast box to post a video
  7. Once you're happy with the content, click Post to Group

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