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How do I post a listing?

To post a listing in Rhode Island RealTimeMLS and push it to Matrix, follow the steps below:

    1. Start from your home screen and click the blue Create a Listing button on the right side of the screen

    2. Or, create a listing by clicking Listings on the navigation panel on the left of the screen then + Create a Listing

    3. You will then be directed to the Create a Listing form. Start entering your listing's property details until you reach + ADD PHOTOS

    4. Once you get to + ADD PHOTOS, add 1 photo for your listing (Please note that photos will not be pushed to Matrix)

    5. Complete the rest of the listing form and click SAVE 

    6. You have now been created on RealTimeMLS and also pushed to Matrix as an incomplete listing.

    7. Complete your listing in Matrix by clicking Complete the listing here.

    8. Did you know that all your Matrix listings are synced to your account? Read more about it here!


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