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How does RESAAS help my real estate business?


Network with agents and brokers to engage and generate referral business in your local market and across the globe. Upgrade to premium and you will receive instant email notification!

Market your listings and knowledge to over 460,000 agents across 110 countries across the globe. Make posts, add unlimited listings, photos and virtual tours to share and connect with other local and international agents.

RESAAS helps you easily integrate other social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Click on this link to help you gain a better understanding of how RESAAS can help your real estate business http://corporate.resaas.com/#features.

If you’re a broker owner, real estate franchise or association, take advantage of RESAAS to keep every member connected with one another by creating an exclusive firm feed (contact sales@resaas.com to learn more).

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