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What is the difference between Q&A consumer and agent questions?


Q&A Consumer Questions

Seek real estate advice and engage in intellectual discussions! The Real Estate Q&A Leads feature allows home buyers and sellers to post real estate questions on RESAAS in the Learn page and is accessible to all agents on the RESAAS platform. Only agents with Premium profiles on RESAAS have the ability to answer these questions, resulting in instant lead generation directly from the prospect.

Q&A Agent Questions

Agents on RESAAS use the Q&A learn feature to ask any real estate related question to a large network of professionals in order to get advice and engage in intellectual discussions. From within the learn feed, agents (on a Premium plan) will then have the ability to answer questions posed by their peers, granting the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise, learn from one another as well as build relationships with other agents.

By answering a question on RESAAS, whether it be on the leads feed or the learn feed, you answer will be automatically transformed into marketable content for your public facing profile page. RESAAS will post your answer to your profile page to be shared with the global network of agents on RESAAS.

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