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What is RESAAS Premium?

RESAAS Premium is our exclusive suite of business-generating tools for real estate professionals. ResaasPremiumFullLogo.png

Benefits of joining RESAAS Premium :

  1. Unlock a set of advanced tools that will help you gain more leads and keep you ahead of the competition
  2. These tools will include:
    • Priority Referral Alerts

      Get notified before everyone else when a referral is posted in your area. Reacting quickly plays a big role in your abiltity to win referrals which are often awarded within hours of being posted.

      Premium profile

      When agents are awarding a referral they want to know which respondent is best suited to service their client. Make sure they can see all the details of your experience and expertise by completing your Premium profile.

      RESAASU Content LIbrary

      Gain access to this insightful and informative series of webinars and training materials. 


      Gain insight into how often and by whom your content is being viewed.


      Send content to clients or other agents and capture their feedback. 

      Create Groups

      Build your own community.  Whether you open it to all agents or keep it private RESAAS is a great place to connect  and share with others.

      Pre-Market Listing Alerts

      When agents post a pre-market listing you will know about it first.  Even if a listing is not ready for the MLS agents can still share it on RESAAS to build interest and generate early leads.

      Buyer Need Alerts

      Buyer needs are a way for agents to seek out off-market, pre-market and pocket listings. These alerts will let you know when another agent is looking for one in your area.

      Access our Global Referral Network

      RESAAS is the place where over 460,000 agents in over 180 countries can exchange referrals with no barriers between franchises or brokerages.  Everyone is welcome so everyone benefits.

      Unlimited direct messages

      Communicate quickly and effectively with other agents on RESAAS. 

      Unlimited business connections

      Build your network and expand your reach around the globe. 

      Unlimited posts

      Share your knowledge, expertise and updates with the RESAAS community.

      Unlimited listings

      All you need to post a listing on RESAAS is an address and a price. This let’s you share listings early even before they’re on the market. Listings also establish a history of sales which will be important when other agents consider you for a referral.

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