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How do I post a lead?

Easy! RESAAS has given you 2 ways of posting a lead from your Homepage as highlighted in the image below:


1) Select Lead from the navigation tool bar on the left of your profile page and choose Create a Lead from the secondary navigation tool bar



2) Click on Create a Lead from your home page on the lead widget



From here you can either create a "Buyer Need" or "Referral" 


If you know what type of property your client is looking for, fill out the "Buyer Need" form:




If you need to find a referral partner, fill out the "Referral" form: 


*Please note - the client's contact information will remain anonymous until the referral has been awarded to an agent. 

Can I send a referral to an agent on RESAAS I already have in mind?

Yes! If you already have made a connection with an agent on RESAAS who you think would be perfect to work with your client simply send them a direct referral.



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