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What is the RE/MAX Referral Exchange?


RE/MAX has partnered up with RESAAS to create an exclusive RE/MAX Referral Exchange for their entire worldwide network of real estate agents to take advantage of.

With the RE/MAX Global Referral Exchange, you can easily discover fellow RE/MAX agents and offices all around the world for the purpose of engaging in international referrals. The more active you are, the more easily you will be found by other agents as well.

Our team of top-class engineers have designed the RE/MAX Referral Exchange to be as efficient and modern as possible, providing you with the tools you need to generate referrals instantly.

This way, when a RE/MAX agent in Victoria, British Columbia - let's call him Bob - has a buyer looking to purchase property in the United Kingdom, he can immediately show him a plethora of listings, or hook him up with a quality RE/MAX agent across the pond who can help him out.

Before now, Bob would have to email the Managing Director of all RE/MAX Europe (who is busy overseeing 25,000 agents in 20 countries), and ask for some advice. This, clearly, is a very inefficient way of managing referrals. You knew it, we knew it, RE/MAX knew it.

With the launch of the RE/MAX Referral Exchange, the entire process is much faster, easier, and entirely self-serving.

Instead of making a phone call, RE/MAX agents can now search for referral partners based on a geographic location and post a message in that country’s group asking if anybody has a property that will fit with their buyer. And by having an active profile page, RE/MAX agents are more likely to be found by agents in other areas who are looking to make connections with potential referral partners.

It's that simple.


So get started today and see what the RE/MAX Referral Exchange has to offer.

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