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With a basic RESAAS subscription, a professional profile will be created for you within an exclusive network of licensed real estate professionals. This includes the ability to create a profile page and upload listings, create, browse and respond to referrals and buyer needs, post reblasts™, join groups, as well as to ask and answer questions from fellow agents.


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  • Premium tier


With RESAAS Premium you can unlock access to advanced tools and services such as instant lead alerts, lead gen analytics, as well as a client-engagement tool, called shareCRM, among others, all intended to help increase business and minimize time spent acquiring it.

We offer both annual and monthly plans:

For more information, see our pricing page.



  • Global Elite:


Global Elite gives you access to the training materials, certification exam and a private group of international real estate professionals for a period of 30 days. To not lose access to Global Elite, make sure you take the exam to become certified within 30 days of your initial signup date. Once you are certified, you will be billed $29.95 per month in order to retain access to Global Elite and the advanced real estate courses the program offers.



  • BrokerOS:


If you’d like to get your entire brokerage using  RESAAS Premium, you can sign up for Broker Premium. Broker Premium for brokerages is designed to help increase agent to agent communication, generate inter-brokerage referrals, help recruit new agents as well as increase the brokerages online presence by gaining more exposure on RESAAS. To learn more about Broker Premium and how it can accelerate your brokerage’s business, contact sales@resaas.com.

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