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As a real estate agent, it’s important to maintain your relationship with your existing clients and to learn more about them so that you know how to serve them better. RESAAS Premium allows you to stay-top-of-mind by sending a question/image to your existing clients asking for their opinion on your topic of interest, similar to a short survey. Once your clients respond, their answers will be recorded in your shareCRM dashboard giving you a more accurate understanding of your clients needs. Use this information to better tailor more personalized marketing and sales efforts, while keeping your value proposition high with your clients in between transactions.

To send an email campaign

Find an image you wish to send in a shareCRM campaign

Hover over the image and a red button shareCRM will appear in  the top right corner of the image



Enter the email addresses of the clients you wish to reach

Fill in the required fields including: welcome message, question you wish to ask and the A/B answers



  • Click Preview to see what the campaign will look like prior to sending
  • Select Send to send it off to your clients

Your clients will receive an email that looks something like this:



Once your clients respond you can check out their answers from your shareCRM dashboard:

  • Click on Settings and then choose Dashboard
  • Select the shareCRM tile
  • Click on the campaign you wish to view 
  • View each individual client and their responses 




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