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How do I get started on the global training site?

Once you’re logged into your RESAAS account click on Global Training in the top right banner



This is the main Global Training feed. From here you will find a complete list of all recent files uploaded to the Global Training site.



Filtering Content:

  • If you wish to see more details on a file uploaded in  the main feed, simply click More Details to get additional info.
  • On the left hand side of the feed, there are 5 categories which will help you filter the content. Select as many or as few as you wish to see and click Apply Filter.
  • Below the categories there is a list of languages, some which will have numbers beside them which indicate the number  of files available in this language.


Filtering Languages:

Filtering language and categories works the same. You may select as many languages as you wish and select Apply Filter. The documents which match your filters will automatically appear.  

If you wish to clear the filters simply click clear filters on the left  hand side



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