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How do I get started on the global training site?

Let’s get started!

  1. Login to your RE/MAX account
  2. Click Global Training on the right corner of the page



Click “Global Training” in the left navigation and select the which group you would like to visit (ex: All Members, Global Broker Owners, Global Regional Owners, etc.)


From the Global Training page you will find a complete list of all recent files uploaded.


Filtering Content:

  • If you wish to see more details on a file uploaded in the main feed, simply click More Details
  • When the post is expanded, you can add comments or click the download button to save the document
  • Select as many categories (8 categories in total) on the left hand side of the feed to help you filter through the content
  • Search for a file using keywords in the search box bar
  • Find a file through the common tags located on the right side


Filtering Languages:

Below the categories section you will see a Has a version in: section and from here you can filter through the languages much like the same for filtering through categories. Select the languages you wish to see and click Apply Filter. The documents which match your filters will appear in the center of the page.


If you wish to clear the filters simply click clear filters on the left hand side.


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