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How do I search for listings?

Get more exposure for your listings!

RESAAS’ listing feature makes it easier than ever to discover listings from around the globe or in your local market.


  1. Search listings under Listings and click Search Listings


  2. An interactive map has been created for agents around the globe to search for listings at the touch of a button in Map View


  3. Use the filters at the top of the Listings page and sort listings on the right. From there you can choose from the drop down menu to narrow down your search with specifications. Search a specific location by entering the location within the Enter a location box.

    You can sort listings by most recent listings, by price, amount of bedrooms or bathrooms, property type and whether or not property is for sale or already sold on the right hand side


    Sort by date listed (new to old, old to new) and price (high to low, low to high).


    Click on the blue icons to view individual listings and learn more about the property


  4. Listings are laid out on RESAAS in a viewing profile that is easy to navigate through on Grid View

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