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How to temporarily withdraw your listing?

If you would like to hide a listing to make further edits or if you need to temporarily remove the listing for any particular reason, you can Temporarily Withdraw the listing.

In order to temporarily withdraw your RealTimeMLS listing click on Listings and My Listings in the dropdown menu: 



Select the listing you wish to withdraw and click the pencil symbol to edit:



 At the top of the page, select Temporarily Withdraw to hide the listing and Save your changes:



 Your listing it will have the label “Temporarily Withdrawn”. It is now hidden to all SFAR members however you will still have access to view/edit the listing:  



 If you go back into the edit listing view, you will notice a yellow banner at the top of the page:



To make your listing  active again, simply click Active and Save to update your listing status.

*Please note - if you do not convert a RealTimeMLS listing to a SFARMLS listing before the 30 day expiry period is up, your listing will automatically expire.

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