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How do I upload an SFARMLS listing?

To upload an SFARMLS listing, follow the same steps for uploading a RealTimeMLS listing.

Click the blue Create a Listing button on the right side of the page from within the RealTimeMLS group:



Or, create a listing by clicking LISTINGS in the top navigation bar. Then select Create a Listing:



You will now be redirected into the listing form where you can enter the following property details:

  • Property Type
  • Price  (USD by default)
  • Compensation (2.5% by default)
  • Address, Suite
  • City, State, Zip
  • Country
  • Neighborhood (select a district/zone from the drop down menu)
  • MLS URL (optional)

*all fields above are required

When adding a SFARMLS listing, make sure to include the public viewable URL from SFARMLS before saving your listing. Once you add a public viewable URL, this cannot be removed - only edited:



If you wish to add additional listing details, click the +OPTIONAL FIELDS link to add information such as:

  • Listing photos & video
  • Bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage
  • Description of the listing property
  • Transaction type

Listing Images:

To add listing images from your computer, select +PHOTOS AND VIDEOS link and click the Add Photos button



Make an image the cover photo by clicking Edit on the image and select Make Cover Photo:



Once you are done adding further listing details, click the blue Save button to save the listing.



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