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[Agent] What is BrokerOS?


BrokerOS™ is a private communication hub for your brokerage. As a Managing broker, you can create a series of private communication channels that allow you to have targeted conversations with your agents and send them relevant resources.  

Share pre-market listings, leads, documents, announcements for open houses, FAQ’s, training materials and more within your exclusive communication channels. Track referrals and buyer needs by sending them directly to your agents.

These communication channels are focused around your brokerage needs, interests, or business efforts. Brokers and agents alike can now manage conversations in an easily identifiable, organized and effective manner.

BrokerOS™ helps brokerages to overcome their common concerns, which are:

  • Communicating with all agents from one tool and easy retrieval of messages by agents.
  • Enhance collaboration among agents by creating communication groups for each individual offices.
  • Easily collaborate on leads, share information and access important documents instantly.
  • More efficient and effective communication within their team.

Get to know the basics of BrokerOS through our help center here. If you have questions, please contact us at support@resaas.com.  


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