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How can BrokerOS benefit you and your brokerage office?

Here are the highlights of how your brokerage can benefit from BrokerOS :


  • Team management:A private dashboard area allows brokers and managers to easily invite or remove agents from their team. Invited agents gain access to a private brokerage communication channel, as well as automatically receiving a branded and SEO-optimized public facing profile. Through this dashboard, brokers receive data on listing activity and agent performance, to help identify traits of top agents.
  • Recruitment & talent outreach:A widget within the BrokerOS™ dashboard displays the top performing agents in that broker’s area. With this data, brokers are easily able to identify the agents with the most active listings, or shortest time on market, and connect with those who may be a good fit for their team.
  • Referral distribution:Brokers receive notifications in real-time about new agent-to-agent referrals in their area. These referrals can then be shared with one click from inside BrokerOS™ to their team members, providing their agents with more qualified inbound leads. 
  • Vendor referrals:Brokers that have partnerships in place with home service vendors in their area can now leverage these relationships to a fuller extent, increasing post-transaction revenue. With BrokerOS™, brokers receive an easy to use vendor referral management system, allowing them to provide discounts to their clients and easily increase reseller revenue.

In other words BrokerOS is a great tool for you to:

  • Communicate privately and in real-time with your team
  • Mange and share your vendor discounts
  • Discover top agents in your area
  • Distribute agent referral to your team
  • Share key industry content with your team
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