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How do I post within MIAMI RealTimeMLS?

Share anything from industry updates to market trends and informative articles, videos, or photos in your association's private group, MIAMI RealTimeMLS.

Post requests for referrals and buyer needs and allow other members to respond by commenting on your posts.

To post within MIAMI RealTimeMLS:

  1. Go to the reblast box where posts can be made

  2. Draft a message to post within the group:
    • After drafting a message in the reblast box, attach images and PDFs to a reblast by clicking on the photo  or document  icon
    • Or, embed a video into the reblast by copying & pasting a YouTube or Vimeo URL directly into the post

  3. Click the Post to Group button

  4. Your message will be posted to the group


Note: To mention any member within a post, type the ‘@’ symbol followed by the member’s first and last name without any spaces

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