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How do I post a listing in MIAMI RealTimeMLS?

We’ve designed an efficient and effective tool for MIAMI members to share listings with the entire MIAMI membership as well as push MIAMI listings into the MIAMI MLS.

From within the MIAMI RealTimeMLS group:

  1. Click the blue Create a Listing button on the right side of the screen 

  2. Or, click Listings and then +Create a Listing in the navigation panel on the left-hand side of your screen

  3. You will now be redirected to the listing form where you can enter all of the property details (Note: Only enter the MLS ID# if the listing is on-market)


Pre-Market Listings

If you are uploading a pre-market listing, select the Pre-Market radio button, and leave the MLS ID# field blank. The listing will be visible to MIAMI members only. Pre-market listings will remain active within MIAMI RealTimeMLS for 48 hours. Learn more about the expiration of Pre-Market Listings here.


*IMPORTANT* - A newly posted pre-market listing is active for 48 hours and it cannot be extended beyond the auto-expiration date unless it has its MLS ID# field filled out, meaning that it is an active MIAMI on-market listing. Pre-market listings auto expire after 48 hours and will be automatically removed from both the MIAMI & public view.


On-Market Listings

If you are uploading an on-market listing, you must copy and paste the MLS ID# in the MLS ID# field. The listing will then be viewable by all MIAMI members as well as 400,000 global real estate professionals.



Listing Photos

To upload your listing photos, press the Add Photos link and then click +Add a Photo. You can then browse your computer to attach as many photos to the listing as you wish.

Note: Your listing photos will not be pushed to the MIAMI MLS (Matrix) after you click Save.

Select a cover photo by clicking Edit on the image and then select Make Cover Photo. The cover photo will be the first listing photo that appears when someone is viewing your listing on MIAMI RealTimeMLS.


Add More Property Details

If you wish to add more property details, click the the Add More Property Details link.

Once you have completed all the listing details, click the blue Save button to push your listing to the MIAMI MLS.  Please note that after the listing is pushed, it is in the MIAMI MLS as an “incomplete listing.”


View Your Listing within MIAMI MLS

Should you want to view your listing within MIAMI MLS, click Complete the listing here on the yellow banner at the top of your page.

This action will open up another tab to MIAMI MLS where you can view and edit the listing.







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