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How do I post an on-market listing in MIAMI RealTimeMLS?

A few important notes about MIAMI RealTimeMLS on-market listings:

  • On-market listings are visible to MIAMI members and the RESAAS network (450,000 agents)
  • On-market listings will remain active until you change the status (Sold/Temporarily Withdrawn)
  • On-market listings require an MLS ID number


To post an on-market listing to MIAMI RealTimeMLS, follow the steps below:

  1. Start from your home screen and click + LISTING at the top of your activity feed

  2. You will then be directed to the Create a Listing form - start entering your listing's property details until you get to LISTING STATUS

  3. Once you get to LISTING STATUS, select ON MARKET

  4. Complete the rest of the form and click SAVE

  5. Your on-market listing is now posted to over 400,000 agents on the RESAAS network

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