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How do I post a listing in SDRTL?

How do I post a listing in SDRTL?


As a SDAR member, you can post both pre-market and on-market listings within SDRTL.


When you are in the SDRTL group, click the blue “Create a Listing” button on the right side of the screen:




Or, create a listing by clicking “LISTINGS” in the top navigation bar. A drop down menu will appear. Next, click “Create a Listing”.


You will now be redirected to the listing form where you can enter the following property details:


  • Property type
  • Price
  • Compensation
  • Address, Suite
  • City, State, Zip code
  • Country
  • Neighborhood (select neighborhood from the dropdown menu)
  • MLS ID# (optional)



*all fields mentioned in bullet list above are required with the exception of the MLS ID field when uploading a pre-market listing.


Pre-Market Listings

If you are uploading a pre-market listing, leave the MLS ID# field blank. The listing will be visible to SDAR members only. Pre-market listings will remain active within SDRTL for 48 hours.



Pre-market listings will be marked with a red label counting down the 48 hours you will have to mark the listing as on-market by adding the MLS # into the MLS ID# field. Once the 48 hour period has expired, if the listing is not updated as an on-market listings, the listing will be automatically withdrawn, meaning your listing will be removed from the SDAR members-only view and only made accessible to you.


On-Market Listings


If you are uploading an on-market listing, you must enter the MLS # in the MLS ID# field. The listing will then be viewable by all SDAR members as well as the wider RESAAS platform.


To upload your listing photos, press the “Add Photos” link and then click “Add a Photo”. You can then browse your computer to attach as many photos to the listing as you wish.


Select a cover photo by clicking “Edit” on the image and then select “make cover photo”:



The cover photo will be the first listing photo that appears when someone is viewing your listing on SDRTL.


If you wish to add more property details, click the “Add More Property Details” link:


Additional details include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Property size
  • Property description
  • Video URL
  • Transaction type  


Once you are finished uploading the listing, click the blue “Save” button to save the listing. You will then be redirected to your My Listings page.



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