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How do I search for listings?

To search for listings within the San Diego RealTime Listings (SDRTL) group:

  • Click the blue the “Search SDAR Listings” button on the right side of the SDTRL page
  • Or, on the top navigation bar, click "Listings" and then click into "Search Listings"




From here you will be able to refine your search by:

  • Location
  • Price range
  • # of bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Property type
  • Transaction type

You can also sort listings by:

  • Price (highest to lowest or vice versa)
  • Date (new to old or vice versa)
  • See the “Sort by” menu on the right side of the page



Listings will be shown by icons:

  1. SDAR pre-market listings will be distinguished by red icons placed on the map
  2. SDAR on-market listings will be distinguished by blue icons on the map
  3. Click the icons to learn more about the properties







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