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[Owner] How to manage your agents?

Managing and tracking agents which agents have left or joined your brokerage can be tedious.

With BrokerOS, brokers are able to:

  • Add and remove agents.
  • View how many current listings and sold listings each agent is working on.
  • Share open leads in your area with agents.

Manage agents in BrokerOS by following these easy steps.

  1. From the BrokerOS Dashboard scroll down to the Your Agents box and click See All to bring up your entire team.


    The Agent’s Team View ranks your agents based on active and sold listings on the platform.  
  2.  You will then land on the Agents in My Brokerage page.


  3. To add an agent simply click on  + Add Agent from the Agents in My Brokerage page


  4.  Or click Add Agent from the Agents in My Brokerage page


    To remove an agent from your BrokerOS firm:

  1. From the Agents in My Brokerage page hover on the top left corner of the agent’s profile and click the grey X icon.


The agent you are removing will still have access to their account. However, they will not be able to participate in your firm's listings and referrals activity, or participate in the communication taking place within your brokerage.

  1. On the agent’s profile, you can view the last date they were active.

    You’re also able to connect, send a private message to them, and view the total number of active vs. sold listings they have.

  2. Click on the number highlighted in blue next to active.


  3. View the agent’s listings on the right side and scroll down. 


To view the agent’s profile page:

  1. Click on the agent’s profile image on the Agents in My Brokerage page.


  2. You will land on the agent’s full BrokerOS profile page as shown below.

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