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[Agent] How do I edit/complete my profile?

Make more connections and referral business by driving traffic to your profile. So help your team and other agents learn more about you by completing your profile.


 Update your profile and office information by following these easy steps:


  1. Click your name on the top right corner and click My profile


  2. Once you have clicked on Edit Profile, you will be directed to the following screen where you can update your profile, account and office information


  3. When you are done entering your account details, click on Update Account Details to save your information. You will then see a notification that reads “You have successfully updated your account information.”


Update/add a profile picture and biography about yourself by following the instructions outlined below:


  1. Click your name on the top right corner and click My Profile


  2. Add or change your profile picture by clicking Change Your Profile Picture button


  3. Click Select Image and upload a profile photo to your account


*Images must be either a JPG or a PNG and 250px by 250px or larger

  1. Click Edit Biography Text and tell agents about your expertise, designations and languages you may speak


  2. Click Save to update this information


You have now completed your profile page. You can now get started on posting listings, referrals and making connections! Good luck!

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