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[Owner] What is BrokerOS?


BrokerOS is an online platform designed to streamline all internal brokerage communications. A Broker can share pre-market listings, leads, documents, open houses, training materials and more. Simply put, brokers can relay information, have important conversations with their agents online, and share training resources with the click of a button.

With BrokerOS, brokers and agents can:

  • Communicate privately and in real-time.
  • Facilitate one-on-one conversations through the Inbox Messaging.
  • Ensure messages are seen and read by agents through email notification, in-app notification and push notifications.
  • Create private groups for specific business needs.
  • Store all resources and materials with the Document Storage feature/
  • Share listings and referrals with agents.
  • Easily onboard new agents to BrokerOS.
  • Access BrokerOS through the mobile app available in iOS and Android devices.


To learn more about other features available in BrokerOS, please visit: http://corporate.resaas.com/brokeros/  

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