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[Owner & Agent] How do I switch to a different experience?

Are you a RE/MAX agent but also a part of BrokerOS? You can toggle between these two experiences. And did you want to know how you can gain access to the wider RESAAS experience? Let me show you how to do this in a few easy steps!

Let's start with going from the BrokerOS experience to the RE/MAX experience. 

  1. Click on the dial pad next to the BrokerOS logo.


  2. From here you can choose which experience you would like to network or post within. Simply click on the logo or one of the groups (that falls underneath the logo) of the experience you would like to see.


  3. You'll know you are in the BrokerOS experience when you see the BrokerOS logo to the right of the dial pad and the name of your brokerage group on the top right corner.


  4. Within the wider RESAAS experience you can see the RESAAS logo to the right of the dial pad.


  5. If you are part of another experience (ie. part of another firm, association or MLS), you will also see their logo on the right of the dial pad. Let's say for example you are part of the RE/MAX Global Referral Exchange network. You can see their logo to the right of the dial pad.

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