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[Owner] How do I remove an agent from the BrokerOS dashboard?

Managing your clients on the BrokerOS dashboard is simple! Do you have an agent that no longer works at your brokerage office and you need to remove them from your main brokerage groups? Follow the easy steps below and I will show you how to do this!

  1. Click on User Admin and then Dashboard on the left navigation panel


  2. From the BrokerOS dashboard you can access the Your Agents box and click on See All


  3. Locate the agent you would like to remove and hover over their profile. There should be an x that appears on the top right corner, click on the x


  4. Confirm the details and when ready to remove the agent click OK


Please note that if you remove an agent from the BrokerOS dashboard, that agent will only be removed from the brokerage office's main groups. They will NOT be removed from user generated groups. 

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