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How do I switch between different experiences?

What are experiences? You maybe part of the RE/MAX Global Referral Exchange, KWGPS, RealTimeMLS, RealTime Listings, BrokerOS or Global Elite. If you are a part of one of these groups you can access different experiences, you may want to navigate to the correct experience depending on the agent referral, buyer need or post you have to create or search for. 

To navigate yourself to the correct experience:

  1. If you are part of more than one experience you will have access to the dial pad button on the top of the left navigation menu.


  2. Once you click on the dial pad button all of the experiences you belong to will pop up on the right hand side. Click on the logo of the experience you would like to see, let's say for example Global Elite.


  3. Once you are in the experience, you will notice the logo change to Global Elite on the top of the left navigation menu. You will also notice that on the right side you can see the group you are in. 


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