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What benefits do I receive with RESAAS Premium?



RESAAS Premium provides access to additional tools and features, such as instant lead alerts, lead gen analytics, as well as a client engagement tool, shareCRM, which are intended to help increase business and minimize time spent acquiring it.


Instant Notification Alerts

Once you have added your information on your RESAAS profile, RESAAS will instantly match you to an incoming referral, buyer need, listing or instant referral.
Your premium account will immediately notify you via email and the RESAAS platform that there is a lead referral in your area.

Be the first to respond with the following notifications: 

  • Agent Referrals 12 hours ahead of basic users
  • Buyer Needs 12 hours ahead of basic users
  • 'Coming Soon' Listings 12 hours head of basic users
  • 'Instant Referral' notifications 30 minutes ahead of basic users


Premium Badge


All Premium users have a Premium badge that will identify you as a top producing agent, distinguishing you from the hundreds of thousands of agents on RESAAS. The badge will appear on your profile page as well as on your profile photo icon in the RESAAS news feeds.

Priority Placement in Agent Search Results 

Receive priority placement and be on the top of the search results in your area.


Lead Gen Analytics


Determine which market strategy worked the best and keep up with any trends that attract someone to your listing or profile page by seeing who has viewed your page or listing. Lead gen analytics will help you connect with agents and learn about the market within your network as well as outside your network, gain more referrals and buyer needs and close more deals!





Have you wanted a tool to produce an email marketing campaign to find out what your client needs are? Use shareCRM to do this and stay ahead of the game by getting input from clients asking their opinions and interests in a short survey. Track responses on shareCRM to organize the feedback you have received. This is an all-in-one tool that helps you engage your clients and figure out what their interests and opinions are on properties that will potentially help you with a future sale.



Sync your RESAAS profile to LinkedIn, Twitter and DocuSign 

Social Media Integration 

Increase your online exposure without wasting so much time online! Keep your clients, agents, friends, etc. up to date with your listings and relevant information through all social media venues.

Sync your RESAAS account with LinkedIn and Twitter and share your posts in a marketable friendly content.

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DocuSign Media Integration 

Create a seamless experience by linking your RESAAS account with your DocuSign account. 


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