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What is the COVID-19 Group and how do I join?

We have created active COVID-19 resources for our agent community to help you through these challenging times. Our industry partners are offering further support by sharing best practices, advice, and knowledge.

By joining the group you will get access to:

  • Your local feed and COVID-19 Group; share knowledge and best practices and be part of the discussions around industry developments
  • Expand your network; connect with agents on a local and global scale as your business operates more online
  • Get direct messages from peers and instant notifications while working more remote
  • Use our online resources to stay on top of new opportunities through referrals and listings

To join the COVID-19 Group:

1. Click on Join the conversation located above the activity feed


2. Click Join Group to gain access to the COVID-19 group


3. You will now have access to the COVID-19 group under Activity. To create a post, click on Post to Group


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