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How do I post a Buyer Need?

To post a Buyer Need on the BAREIS network, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Buyer Need on the left navigation menu and click Create                                                                                                     Screen_Shot_2020-10-21_at_11.33.13_AM.png
  2. To share the buyer need with BAREIS agents only, select 'BAREIS Professional Network'

  3. Fill out the fields for the Property Information
  4.                                          Screen_Shot_2020-10-14_at_9.48.10_AM.png

  5. Fill out the fields for the Additional Property Type and fee amount and click Save


  6. Enter the property details, and click next5.png 
  7. Provide details on client's price range: Pre-approved for mortgage, minimum and maximum purchase price, and then click next6.png 
  8. Enter client's contact information, and click next. (Client details will only be revealed after you have awarded your lead to another agent)                                                                                               7.png 
  9. Enter any other details you would like agents to know about your referral, and click next8.png 
  10.  Review all details or your referral, and click submit to complete9.png


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