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How do I post an Agent Referral?

To post an Agent Referral on the BAREIS network, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Referrals on the left navigation menu, and then click Create                                                                                                  Screen_Shot_2020-10-21_at_11.30.58_AM.png
  2. Click Get Started to begin creating a referral. To skip this step in future, click 'Skip this next time'


  3. Enter the amount of commission you would like to be paid and click next                                                Screen_Shot_2020-10-14_at_8.56.07_AM.png

  4. Fill out the fields for the geographical location for the agent referral and click next


  5. Enter the property details, and click nextScreen_Shot_2020-10-14_at_9.13.01_AM.png 
  6. Provide details on client's price range: Pre-approved for mortgage, minimum and maximum purchase price, and then click nextScreen_Shot_2020-10-14_at_9.13.18_AM.png 
  7. Enter client's contact information, and click next. (Client details will only be revealed after you have awarded your lead to another agent)                                                                                              Screen_Shot_2020-10-14_at_9.13.28_AM.png 
  8. Enter any other details you would like agents to know about your referral, and click nextScreen_Shot_2020-10-14_at_9.13.42_AM.png 
  9.  Review all details or your referral, and click submit to completeScreen_Shot_2020-10-14_at_9.14.00_AM.png
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